Skylar (abercrombie_boi) wrote in the_desired,

::stamped:: Hiatus

I went to Florida for Spring Break a couple weeks ago, and since getting back things have been so busy it's not even funny. Being a senior in high school, graduation is coming up, meaning I'm finally wrapping up my high school career. This involves: (A) Senior Portfolio; (B) AP Exams; (C) CATS tests; (D) FBLA State Leadership Conference; and (E) tons of final homework. This being said, I'm not going to be very active until after graduation, which is 21 May. I hope that the mods/maintainers will not hold it against me if I'm a bit inactive, and will bear in mind that I'm so busy. I don't want to leave any communities, because I love them so much (and because they're good for my infamously large ego, lol), so I really hope that I won't be booted for inactivity. I'll vote as frequently as possible, but don't hunt me down and kill me if it's not very often!

x. Skylar
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